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Bild "drop-n-tell_sich.jpg"Bild "mag2000aus.jpg"Shockwatch-Detail Ecke


Shockwatch-Detail Ecke

Your minder for products sensitive to shocks.

Ingeniously simple. Simply ingenious.

The best quality control ends when your products leave the plant. During transportation and storage, your products are often exposed to conditions that can have a negative impact on quality.
A colour change from “white” to “red” shows anyone immediately and clearly that the handling requirements were not met and there is a possibility of transport damage due to a severe impact.



Single-axis measurement. Always take two.

DROP´N TELL is a single-axis indicator made of polyester with a simple structure. It shows when a defined acceleration has been exceeded, as well as its direction. Equipped with a self-adhesive backing and two bore holes, attachment to any type of shipment is quick and simple. Warning labels are of course included in the scope of delivery.

drop-n-tell locked-gesichert drop-n-tell-nicht-ausgeloest-not-triggered drop-n-tell ausgeloest-triggered
locked not triggered triggered







MAG 2000

Bodyguard for heavy sensitive goods.

The MAG 2000 was designed for transport and storage monitoring of particularly heavy products that are sensitive to impacts, such as containers, rail cars, printing machines, lorries, industrial equipment etc.


High accuracy, easy handling, reset functionality and a broad spectrum from 0.5 to 40g make the MAG 2000 an all-purpose quality monitoring tool. Verifying the quality of transportation routes and packaging is among the various application possibilities, along with examining the internal flow of goods.


mag2000-nicht-ausgeloest-not-triggered mag2000ausgeloest-triggered
not triggered triggered

The magnetic principle forms the foundation of the MAG 2000. A magnet attached on the base of the MAG 2000 holds the indicator magnet, invisible to the viewer, in its initial position. The distance between the magnets determines the acceleration required to trigger the indicator.

In this case, the orange indicator magnet moves into the visible range and also indicates the impact direction. The MAG 2000 is reset with a special wrench used to open the indicator. The indicator magnet is reset to its initial position and the housing is locked again. Now the MAG 2000 is ready for use again.


Naturally the MAG 2000 can also be sealed to exclude manipulation. The cost-effective MAG 2000 is equipped with a self-adhesive backing as well as predrilled mounting holes, so that fast and secure attachment to the packaging or your product is guaranteed.


Dimensions: 60 x 64 x 20 mm


Attaching the MAG 2000

The MAG 2000 can be attached vertically or horizontally. Only horizontal impacts are indicated with horizontal attachment. Indicating vertical impacts is not possible in this position. When the MAG 2000 is attached vertically, it indicates both horizontal and vertical impacts.

Due to the magnetic functionality of the MAG 2000, the earth’s gravity of 1g needs to be taken into account when it is exposed to a vertical impact. This can be virtually disregarded for horizontal impacts.


The table below serves as a tool to choose and define the correct g-value for the MAG 2000 according to your requirements. Here the letter combinations have the following meanings for attaching the device and for the triggering behaviour:

HH = horizontal attachment and horizontal trigger value
VH = vertical attachment and horizontal trigger value
VV = vertical attachment and vertical trigger value

g-value of the MAG 2000Trigger value for HH in gTrigger value for VH in gTrigger value for VV in g
2 2 1,73 1
3 3 2,83 2
4 4 3,87 3
5 5 4,90 4
6 6 5,92 5
7 7 6,93 6
10 10 9,95 9
11 11 10,95 10
16 16 15,97 15
20 20 19,97 19

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